Pre-Wedding Photography Sydney

by Fuss Photography & Film

Looking for a Pre-Wedding Photographer in Sydney?

Our experience at Fuss Photography is to capture the unique personalities of our clients during their pre-wedding moments.

We specialise in creating images that encapsulate the love and excitement leading up to your special day.

Whether it’s at your favourite location or in our Sydney-based studio, we ensure a comfortable and memorable Pre-wedding photography experience.

Images to look back upon in the future.

No matter how fleeting the moment, our pre-wedding photographers will preserve your special day in photographs so it can last forever.

Capturing these fleeting yet precious instances, ensuring that your journey towards marriage is immortalised in beautiful photographs.

We believe that displaying these pre-wedding portraits in your home is not just a reflection of your character and personality, but also a celebration of your love story.

Deciding how to display your portrait photographs is as important as taking them in the first place, and just as much fun.

Let our vibrant and contemporary pre-wedding portraits add a unique charm and personality to your home, creating a lasting reminder of the love and excitement that precedes your wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Prices & Packages

Our prices start from $300 for 1 hour photographic session coverage with colour corrected high resolution files supplied on a USB

Studio or Location.

A Pre-Wedding Photographer’s location can be either in our studio or outside, and we can still take advantage of the natural light. Our studio is able to rearrange pre-built wall-like structures to create different atmospheres and settings. Our studio is pleasant and welcoming, and we aim to make you feel comfortable.

Our clients come from all over Australia because they appreciate the nuanced and personalised portraits that we create, Which results in gallery-quality artwork.

Here are the names of some of the venues I love working at:

Long Reef Golf Club, Dunes Palm Beach, The Boathouse, Moby Dicks, Jonah’s, Avalon Beach SLSC, Bilgola Beach SLSC, Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Royal Motor Yacht Club, Pasadena Church Point, Pilu at Freshwater, Manly Pacific, Manly Pavilion, Manly Yacht Club, Q Station, Milestone Events, Orso, Zest, Balmoral Pavilion, Athol Hall, Gunners Barracks, Sergeant Mess and Taronga Zoo, Bayview Golf Club, Ripples Chowder Bay.

Frequently Asked


Pre-Wedding Photography

All you need to do is show up and have fun, and we will tell you exactly how to pose and where to look.

Choose a day that you don’t have anything else on your schedule. Rushing between events causes stress, which can manifest in the photographs. Prepare and get a lot of rest beforehand. Stay hydrated and have a light meal before the shoot to keep your energy levels up. We’ll take care of everything else.

Absolutely! It’s your portrait session, and you can show us anything that inspires you. Some clients prefer to brainstorm beforehand and create a Pinterest board with ideas. You can bring any personal items to tell the story that you want.

The standard processing time is one week unless special requests were discussed.

We always capture RAW files during photo sessions, and if desired, we can provide you with perfectly processed and truly high-resolution JPEG files.

We have bookings made months in advance, and our services operate on a first in, first served basis. We will try to get in touch with anyone who has booked with us if another client asks about their shoot date, in order to offer you first dibs wherever we can.

You can simply make your booking here! And we will contact you right after.

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