Portrait Photography – What Is It?

You may be unsure how to get the best professional portrait photography, but we’re here to help! Our team will guide you through every step of the process so that you can tell personal stories in the best way.  

On this page, you will find everything we have written about portrait photography.


What is portrait photography all about?

Portrait photography is one of the most popular types of photography. Portrait photography captures the essence, personality, identity, and attitude of a person, as well as the person’s background, lighting, and posing.

Despite how simple this definition may sound, mastering portrait photography can be one of the most difficult types of photography. Great portrait photographers are able to catch the personality and feelings of people. The goal is to photograph a person in a natural setting in such a way that his personality is revealed through his appearance.

The equipment a portrait photographer uses is not important as long as the photographer is able to effectively capture the subject’s character. Of course, it always helps to have state-of-the-art equipment, but it is not necessary.


What are the responsibilities of our portrait photographer?

A portrait photographer is responsible for photographing their subject(s). Our portrait photographers will look for the best background and lighting to create the perfect portrait aligned to your request. Our portrait photographers will also guide you with posing tips. We will also edit and print the photos.



Finding a suitable background for a portrait shot is our communal responsibility unless you have a specific location in mind. We can do portrait photography in our studio or on location.

A plain background is the most popular choice by our clients for portrait photography, particularly in a studio setting. It is perfect for traditional portrait photography because it allows removing any distracting background elements and makes the subject stand out.

Finding a location outside of a studio is another option.

By photographing outside of our studio, Our photographer can capture unique moments using lighting, positioning, and other photographic elements to reflect the subject’s character and personality, therefore allowing the viewer to appreciate the individual within the photograph.

Our photographer will always make sure that the subject is the focus, not the background or location, no matter where the shoot takes place.



Lighting is one of the most important aspects of portrait photography, as different lighting setups can change the subject’s emotions and appearance. Our portrait photographers either use natural light or studio lights and reflectors, rather than relying on the camera’s built-in flash. 

If the photography session is held at our studio, we may use a combination of reflectors and off-camera lights to light the model.

We choose to take a naturally lit portrait photograph if the studio lighting is not available or if it is not the model style. If this is the case, the portrait photography session will rely on the natural light of the sun. An enhanced understanding of daylight timing and body positioning is required in order to take effective natural light portrait pictures. Taking pictures using natural light can be a beautiful experience if done correctly.


What defines a picture as a portrait photograph?

A photograph can become a portrait when the subject, background, lighting, and emotion all work together to create a feeling of connection between the viewer and the photograph.

A candid picture is not technically a portrait, but the most authentic ones are.


Portrait photography is important, why?

There are many reasons why portrait photography is important, and those reasons may differ from person to person. Having a portrait photograph may be important for historic preservation, personal branding, or personal pleasure.

There is no simple explanation for why portrait photography is important. Just like any other type of art, it is difficult to comprehend why. The reasons listed above may answer this question. Perhaps the connection a great portrait picture can create with the observer is the reason portrait photography is so beloved by the masses.

A quality portrait photograph can elicit emotions and sentiments in each one of us, and we can more fully connect with them only when we see them.


What types of portrait photography are there?

Portrait photography can be divided into several subgenres, but they all seek the same thing: capturing characters.

Traditional Portraits

A subject in a traditional portrait looks directly into the camera while posing in a studio. Studio lighting and prepared backdrops are typically used to create these types of portraits.

When people think of portraits, people usually think of this type of portrait where head-and-shoulders are shots.


Group Or Family Portraits

This type of portrait includes multiple people. Group poses and interconnections between members are frequently used to produce candid pictures.

Our portrait photographers use prompts to get very candid results, by suggesting to the subjects act out a certain scenario, to produce a candid portrait.


Environmental Portraits

In an environmental portrait, the environment is the subject of the photograph, while the person remains the subject, 

These types of portraits usually take place within our clients’ preferred location and environment that is important to them. Environmental portraits are slightly different from lifestyle portraits because environment portraits are often posed.


Lifestyle Portraits

A lifestyle portrait seeks to capture people in their everyday environment. 

A professional lifestyle portrait photographer typically “directs” rather than “poses” in order to create a more candid lifestyle portrait that effectively portrays the subject in its natural setting. 


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  • What does the cost of portrait photography?

You can check our different types of portrait photography packages and Portrait photography pricing here! 

  • Can I choose my preferred location for portrait photographs? 

we can take your portrait photographs at any of your favourite locations of choice or even in our Sydney-based studio. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your portrait photographs go off without a hitch! 


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